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Divorce & Legal Separation

Divorce is a difficult issue regardless of the circumstances. As experienced family law attorneys, Goldberg Simpson can advise you of options to help you make key decisions during your difficult time.

Southern Indiana Divorce & Separation Family Lawyer

Making the decision to dissolve a marriage usually comes after years of trying to make things work. By the time a divorce comes, it can be difficult to sort through the past, realize what happened and decide what steps to take next. 

Goldberg Simpson is experienced with the difficult process of divorce. Our attorneys will help you protect your rights while taking the steps to transition to a new life after divorce.

Divorce can be complex, involving every aspect of your life including your children and property, financial security and the physical separation of your family. Contact our Kentuckiana law firm to protect your rights while helping you and your family through this difficult transition.

Protecting Your Rights and Your Children

If you are facing a divorce with children, your priority is most likely protecting the best interests of your children, as well as securing your rights to custody and parenting time. Goldberg Simpson attorneys will work with you and your family to devise an appropriate solution that accommodates both your children’s well-being and your rights. We are experienced in handling divorce cases, including those involving contested custody and child support disputes, as well as domestic violence.

The Division of Property and Your Rights

At the time of divorce, one of the most contentious issues can be the division of property, especially if you and your spouse jointly own a business, a home or retirement accounts. Our law firm is experienced in helping clients protect their rights in the division of assets including real estate, business assets, savings, retirement accounts and debt.


Protecting Your Financial Security after a Divorce Settlement

In addition to the division of assets, you may also be concerned about your financial security. We are experienced in helping our clients collect spousal support or alimony as well as defending clients against unmanageable support obligations. If you are facing divorce and are concerned about financial security or your rights related to spousal support, please contact us for a consultation.


Legal Separation

Legal separation has a different name than a divorce, but nearly all of the same difficult issues must be tackled and addressed, including division of property and debt. Some choose a legal separation over a divorce for religious or other reasons, or if one spouse has health issues and there is a need to stay on the other spouse's health or medical insurance benefits. Similar to a divorce, making the decision to legally separate from your spouse usually comes after years of trying to make things work.

Goldberg Simpson is experienced with the sensitive process of legal separation. Our legal professionals serve as attorneys and counselors at law to help guide you through the difficult process of legal separation or divorce. 

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