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Southern Indiana Child Support Calculators, Parenting Calendars and Tools for your Family

Calculate child support and resources to help

Child support calculators, parenting calendars, and other helpful tools are necessary as you navigate a divorce or child custody / support case in southern Indiana. Our firm has years of experience helping bring these tools to light and present their results in mediation or family court if necessary in your case.
— Justin R. Key

Indiana Child Support Calculator

  • Estimate child support payments in your Indiana family court case


Indiana Child Support Rules & Guidelines

  • Read the rules behind the calculation and how to handle additional expenses like health care / medical costs, educational expenses, etc.



  • Allows a visual parenting time calendar to be easily created using local school information


Indiana Child Parenting Time Guidelines

  • Review general parenting and visitation rules in addition to holiday and vacation schedules

Indiana Online Court Records

Note: These links are NOT official court dockets and generally only provide limited information. It is recommended that you contact your attorney for access to complete case information.