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Clark County, Indiana will be the second county in state to begin e-filing

Hamilton County, Indiana was the first county to begin electronic filing of court documents, and the next phase of the project will be happening at the local courthouse here in Jeffersonville.

Some attorneys may have already noticed the beginning of the transition, as court clerks have activated e-notices through the Odyssey system, which syncs with the email addresses contained in the Indiana Roll of Attorneys to provide notifications of current activity on a case. These notices mimic the case notes on the Chronological Case Summary (CCS) which is generally viewable at In the coming weeks, public orders will be available to be viewed electronically on the CCS.

Paper copies of orders and notices will still be sent out for the time being, but once e-filing begins receipt of court orders will occur digitally. 

The Clark County judges are already signing orders on their computers, and much of the focus currently is with the clerks and support staff as the project moves forward.

Plans are not clear on how to handle confidential cases (such as adoptions) instead of public cases (such as divorces). Paper documents may continue to control cases that are not otherwise publicly available.

While electronic filing will occur online via a web portal, multiple vendors may be involved, such as Lexus and Doxpop. Training (and possibly CLE credit) should be available. The current web interface can be accessed here:

While there is not a specific date when e-filing will begin, filing documents from the convenience of your own home or office may begin before the holidays. (Jefferson County courts just across the river in Louisville, Kentucky are also implementing e-filing this month.) After Clark County is complete, the next local counties to receive e-filing are expected to be Harrison County followed by Floyd County.