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Whether as part of a divorce/separation, or involving parents that are not married, kids are the most important aspect of any case we handle. Joint custody, "full custody", primary residence, every other weekend. Let us help with which of these labels actually exist, and which matter the most for your situation.


A dissolution of a marriage involves important issues that can dictate the rest of a person's life - child-related issues, spousal support, division of marital property and debt, and a division of the attorney fees and costs.


Indiana provides an online child support calculator. So why are attorneys needed to help? Having a professional presentation to the court about why your numbers are correct in negotiations with the other side, mediation or court makes all the difference.

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There is a common misconception (for those that have not been through a divorce or custody battle) that the case is over when the parties reach an agreement or the judge makes an order. 


Most people know what a divorce is, but are unaware of other options. Those we meet with also may believe they are "legally separated" when the separate from their husband or wife. They do not know about this distinct alternative provided by Indiana law.


For parents that are not married, the establishment of paternity along with appropriate DNA testing is critical. We often meet with an unmarried person who is expecting a child and wants to know your rights.


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